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Meet Lisa, Jasper's Vet

Lisa Doering, DVM is our trusted veterinarian. She has advanced training in veterinary dentistry and is an advocate for clean and safe ingredients. She works closely with Jasper® to make sure our products are safe and effective.

  • "Best Dog Toothbrushes"

    The ergonomic, 360-degree design of the Jasper finger toothbrush allows you to brush away, no matter what angle you’re trying to reach your pup’s teeth from

  • "Top Pick"

    This pack of 2 finger toothbrushes is ideal for small to medium-size dog breeds. The silicone material is gentle on sensitive gums and teeth but is still effective for scrubbing away plaque.

  • "Your pup will love these..."

    Cleaning your fur baby’s mouth is easier than ever thanks to this uniquely designed finger brush. Instead of only brushing one concentrated spot, the brush’s 360-degree design cleans everything it comes into contact with, including tough-to-reach spots in your pet’s mouth.

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